‘Act Like a Lady,’ Denver Police Tell Journalist as They Handcuff and Detain Her for Photographing Them

Video released today from Denver Police body cameras shows two officers telling The Colorado Independent editor Susan Greene to “act like a lady” while they handcuff and detain her. The incident happened in July, and Greene was singled out for trying to photograph the cops while they responded to a call on a public sidewalk involving a black man.

Greene was driving along East Colfax Avenue near the Colorado State Capitol building on the afternoon of July 5 when, by her account, she noticed Denver police surrounding a nearly naked African American man sitting handcuffed on the sidewalk, and stopped to see what was happening.

Greene is an veteran investigative reporter who has written extensively about police brutality and incidents in which African-American men have been killed by law enforcement while in custody.

Officers Approach The Journalist

As Greene detailed in a post the next day, and as the body-cam footage confirms, she approached the scene and was immediately blocked by Officer James Brooks.

He continues to block her as she tries to keep shooting, at one point raising the camera high above Brooks’s head. Brooks is quickly joined by Officer Adam Paulsen, and the two advise her that she can not take photographs because doing so violates the HIPAA rights of the nearly naked man they have cuffed.

Officers Handcuff Green

Not a second after his warning, the footage shows, the officers handcuff Greene, who shouts, “Ow!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Greene responds. “Act like a lady?”

“There you go,” Brooks says. “Now you can go to jail.”

After the officers handcuff her, the body-cam footage shows, Greene complains the officers are hurting her as Brooks and Paulsen lead her to the back of a squad car.

Journalist Arrested

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