Guy Knocks Over Birthday Cake With Sparklers On, Chaos Ensues

Sparklers are a great addition to a birthday cake. Unfortunately they are also hugely flammable, we never think about that though. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen however, as this bunch of lads found out.

A hilarious video has emerged of a group of young men failing their attempt to extinguish sparklers on birthday cakes in Sydney, Australia. The footage, shot earlier this month, shows one of the men knocking the cakes over on the floor while trying to turn off the sparklers.

Group Of Friends Use Sparklers For Cake

They eventually managed to extinguish them but not without setting fire to a woman’s towel. “Great banter, at least the cake is fine” the filmer later wrote online.

Chaos Ensues

I take it you guys have never used sparklers before? They’re supposed to do that.

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