Good Samaritan Stops 94 Year Old Driving The Wrong Way Down Texas Highway

A helpful man came to the rescue of an elderly woman who was driving down the wrong way of a highway in Texas.

Tomas Prado was riding down the freeway in Lubbock, Texas, when he noticed that another vehicle was going the wrong way on August 22.

Prado was immediately terrified by what he saw but quickly jumped into action and began driving the wrong way to alert the driver of their mistake.

Elderly Woman Drives The Wrong Way

In the brief video, the Good Samaritan manages to flag down the 94-year-old woman and gets her to stop her car. Prado helps the woman exit the vehicle and efficiently gets her to safety.

“Hey! You’re going the wrong way,” yelled this good Samaritan as he tried to stop a 94-year-old woman in Texas from barreling toward oncoming traffic. “I see many wild things on the road, but absolutely nothing this terrifying!” hero Thomas Prado wrote on Facebook.

Good Samaritan Saves Woman

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