Mass Brawl Starts On Ibiza Plane After Woman ‘Lap Dances’ On Passengers

I haven’t experienced it, but I’ve always imagined the night flight to Ibiza would be a pretty rowdy one. Lo and behold, an outrageous display was put on by a heavily intoxicated woman aboard the 10pm flight to the Spanish party island a couple of weeks back.

According to a fellow passenger who captured a video of the raucous, the woman continued drinking on the plane before allegedly ‘giving lap dances’ to the men she was sat with, getting ‘her boobs out’, and ‘doing cartwheels in the aisle’, before she ‘started’ a brawl.

Brawl Inside Ibiza Plane

First of all the flight was delayed, which is a recipe for disaster in an airport departures lounge, because the answer to a delay is usually more drinks.

The drunken woman was apparently being ‘loud for the whole time leading up to the flight at the gate’.

Fight Started With A Lap Dance

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