Family Trick Little Brother Into Thinking He’s Invisible After Seeing Viral Video

How do you trick someone into thinking they’re invisible? It might seem impossible, but with a little bit of pre-planning and the right target, you might just be able to do it. And it might go something a bit like this:



In the video, a young guy is covered with a blanket which is then whisked away to a whole bunch of surprised cheers and shocked voices. The kid in question doesn’t believe it at first – probably because he can still see himself – but then his brother has a picture taken next to him.




When the ‘invisible’ kid is shown the photo, you can see from his reaction that he’s totally fallen for it and genuinely thinks that nobody can see him.

His family and friends get him to hold a bottle and the reaction is the same – they go ape-shift at the fact it seems to be just floating in front of them. That prompts the boy – for some reason – to pull his shorts down and moon everyone.




He’s lucky he didn’t pull his shorts all the way down.

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