Brazilian Open Use Shelter Dogs As Ballboys And It’s The Best Thing Ever

For the second year running, six shelter dogs have replaced actual ballboys and girls at the Brazilian Open in Sao Paulo.



The dogs – named Cindy, Nanda, Pretinha, Mia, Arlete and Ovelha – even wear sweatbands on their wrists and scarves around their neck to complete the ultimate tennis look.




Yes, their retrieving ability can be a little wayward at times, as you see in the above footage uploaded by CNN, but this might just be the greatest thing, ever. GET ME ON A FLIGHT TO BRAZIL RIGHT NOW!




“They are dogs that have had a difficult trajectory, yes, but what we want to point out is not the history suffered from the past, but to prove that no matter what they have gone through, they can be great companions today and in the future,” Madalena Spinazzola, from pet-food maker Premier Pet, told CNN.

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