Driver Finds Man Stuck Head First In Recycle Bin With Legs In The Air

We’ve all spotted something a bit strange on the streets the morning after the night before – usually just the odd pile of vomit, but every now and again it’s something a little more baffling, like a single shoe or the remnants of someone’s fancy dress.


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But one guy can probably beat all of those weird experiences, having stumbled across a bloke stuck head first in a clothes recycling bin.




Ashley Kerr, 29, was out delivering sandwiches at around 8am on Friday morning in Mexborough, Rotheram. But his delivery route produced a pretty surprising twist when he came across some poor fella who’d got stuck in the clothes bin.

In the video, you can hear a mystified Ashley say ‘What the…’ as he drives past, before asking if the man’s alright.




Many social media users have been speculating about the identity of the man, with some wondering if it was a well-known local figure. We’re just hoping he made it out okay, to be honest.

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