300 HP Yamaha FZ Waverunner Explodes While Father And Son On It, Sending Debris and Shrapnel Everywhere

Vacations on the sea are supposed to be times of relaxation and unwinding, but what this pair experienced while on a jetski was something far from a holiday.

The video starts off with a father and son on a Yamaha FZ Waverunner, a 300-horsepower beast in the water, the son appears to be controlling the jet ski as they make small circles in the water. The young man can be seen waving at the camera just seconds before tragedy struck.

Son Waves At Camera

The jetski apparently suffered a blower malfunction which caused the whole thing to suddenly explodes while the father and son were riding on it.

That could’ve easily sent some shrapnel into their legs and cut an artery. Doesn’t take much to kill someone. This guy’s got lucky for sure.

Jetski Explodes

Surprise Jihad.

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