This Is The Wildest Car Chase Ever — Carjacker Weaves Through Heavy Traffic In Daring Chase

This is not a police chase, this is a security company responding to a carjacking and using a tracking device to find the car and follow it.

A South African private security responds to a carjacking, using a tracking device, the guys managed to tail the carjacker to give chase. The dash cam video of the heated chase is something you’d only see in movies… well, up until now.

Carjacker Weaves Through Traffic

The video shows the officers chasing down a white car as the carjacker weaves through the heavy traffic going the wrong direction! At one point, the carjacker narrowly misses a crossing pedestrian.

Carjacker Caught

From the highway to the streets of the city, the security team was high on the carjacker’s tail. Eventually, they caught up to the suspects and arrested them on the scene.

Carjacker Misses Pedestrian

That moment you realize that South Africa has nicer roads than most places in the US…

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