YouTuber Investigating Former Nuclear Bunker Finds Button To ‘Destroy The World’

Imagine if you had the power to press the button that would trigger a nuclear strike, knowing the destruction it would cause.



One ordinary citizen almost had that option, although thankfully not quite to that extent.

Drew Scanlon, a gamer, online star and Internet’s biggest gif, was exploring a decommissioned nuclear base in Ukraine as part of his online YouTube travel series, Cloth Map.




After a walk down a dark tunnel, through narrow corridors full of pipes, and double-thick doors, the centre revealed some interesting secrets.

In the video below, tour guide Dmytro explains that there would have been enough food, water and medicine in the base to survive up to 45 days after a certain button had been pressed.




As they then enter a control room, the main room, Drew is told by his guide that they are now standing in the ‘room to destroy the world’.

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