Man Demonstrates How To Open A Can Using A Spoon

If you ever find yourself in this oddly specific situation, this might just save you from starving to death.



I have this really fussy can opener that I always forget how to use and for some reason, I’ve never bought a normal can opener to replace it. Or maybe I’ll just never replace it and use this neat spoon trick to crack open a can instead.




You don’t always have a can opener, but you probably do have a spoon. If you need to open a can and that’s all you’ve got, no problem. It can be done.

As demonstrated in the video above, just push down with the tip of the spoon against the inner edge of the can and start rubbing. In a short while you’ll penetrate the lid and you can carve around the can with the spoon’s edge. It’s certainly not as elegant as a can opener, but it’ll do in a pinch.




Of course, the can’s going to be sharp as hell so watch your fingers if you do this.

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