81-year-old Body Surfer Can Guess Water Temperature With Crazy Accuracy

Fred Wilkens has been swimming at Zuma Beach in Malibu for so many years that his body is able to gauge the temperature of the ocean with incredible accuracy.

Some people are born with a connection to the ocean and live with the constant feeling that the water is calling them. Swimmers, sailors, and surfers can relate to this deep need to be in the water, and will often say that they know how to listen to or communicate with the waters.

For California’s Fred Wilkens, this connection to the sea is so strong that he can even gauge the temperature of the waves using just his body. Those who frequent Zuma Beach in Malibu fondly refer to him as a “human thermometer”.

Man Has A Special Connection To The Ocean

One of Fred’s earliest memories of enjoying the ocean is from 1946. Since then, he has been swimming every day and mastering the art of body surfing. Younger surfers have called the 81-year-old “one of the best” body surfers around.

Fred is able to tell the temperature of the water as soon as he steps into it, often only being off by one degree. Of this remarkable ability, Fred says: “I have been going in the water for 70 years; I like to say that I’m quite accurate”.

Old Man Accurately Measures Sea Tempreature

He must be a son of Poseidon.

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