WATCH: Two Criminals Escape Out Of The Back Of A Police Van

You’re sat in the back of a police van with your mate, head in hands, hands in shackles, wondering how it came to this. You’ve got two options: Face the music or try and get out of there. But you’re in a locked police van? How the are you going to get out?

Well, two wily criminals in South Africa managed just that as they slipped out of the back of a police van and made good their escape by the simple act of legging it.

The ridiculous escape was caught on camera by locals in Pinetown, just outside of Durban, and quickly went viral.

Criminals Sneak Out Of Police Van

As you can probably hear, the general public found it pretty funny and can be heard laughing and clapping. It won’t be so funny when they’re robbing your home or possibly worse, but whatever.

Naturally, police from the Kwazulu-Natal district were desperate for help in catching these criminals and have called for a full investigation into the video and why there was no police officer present.

Criminals Escape Of Police Van

Overall, a shambles.

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