Kindergarten Welcomes Children Back To School With Pole Dancing Performance

Xinshashui kindergarten in Bao’an District, Shenzhen welcome students back to school with a special flag-flying performance.


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The students are confused and excited at the same time. Some kids start copying her moves. A mother drags her kid out.

A parent called the principal to complain, the principal explains that they just want to expose children to a wider range of dances. The host also tell the kids to attend classes if they want to.




The back-to-school performance also featured a second burlesque performance, clips are removed from China’s social media platforms.

A rep of the company has issued an apology. They said that they only intended to introduce children to different kinds of performances and pole dancing will not be taught at school.




The local district education bureau has launched an investigation and ordered its director to be fired. Parents vow to withdraw their children from the kindergarten and get their money back.

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