Sleepy Student Accidentally Grabs Chair Instead Of His Bag

Ever done anything half asleep? Then you’ll probably be able to relate to this kid. A student has gone viral for trying to bring home his chair instead of grabbing his school backpack. The boy, who appears to be in primary school, did this immediately after waking up from his nap.

At the start of the video, some students have already left the classroom, but one particular student was left at his desk, taking a nap from a grueling day of learning. As he slept, a woman takes his school stuff and puts them in a bag which was placed behind his seat.

Startled, the boy wakes up seemingly disoriented and grabs the closest thing he thinks is his backpack — which happens to be a chair next to him.

Sleepy Kid Thinks Chair Is Backpack

The boy really seemed to think it was a bag — he even inserted his arms through its holes and carried it on top of his shoulders, leaving all the adults in his classroom bursting with laughter.

By the end of the video, another adult steps in and gives the chair to the woman who then places it back to its rightful place.

Kid Uses Chair As Backpack

Same kid, same.

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