Mother Filmed Flushing Three-year-old Son’s Head Down Toilet As Punishment For Swearing

A mother was filmed flushing the head of her three-year-old son in the toilet as punishment for swearing. Kaitlyn Wolf said she had planned to wash her toddler’s mouth out with soap – a traditional punishment for a child with a naughty mouth – but decided to discipline him another way.

The mom, from Leesburg in Virginia, says she decided to flush his head down the toilet after seeing it happen in the movie.

In the footage, she can be seen holding her son’s arms behind his back with his head above the toilet as she dips it in the water. It is not known what expletive the boy said.

Mother Flushes Son's Head

But Ms. Wolf defended the punishment after the video went viral prompting widespread condemnation. Ms. Wolf said she has received death threats and that she regrets the stunt.

“It was just a game I didn’t inflict harm on him. He didn’t have any bruise or cuts. He was laughing during the video.

Punishment For Swearing

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