Hooded thug punches floored cyclist in the face as he tries to steal his bike in broad daylight

This is the shocking moment a cyclist was brutally punched him in the face by a hooded thug trying to steal his bike while pedestrians stood watched. Several bystanders watched as the cyclist desperately clung to his bicycle as punches and kicks rained down, with one onlooker choosing to film on his phone.



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At the start of the footage, the cyclist has already been beaten to the ground and his holding his bike. A suited man appears to try to intervene on the cyclist’s behalf, taking the thug’s arm, although seems reluctant to do more as the attacker continues to hammer punches on the stricken cyclist.



The thug repeatedly attempts to pull the bike away from the victim, who is dragged into the middle of the road, at which point he eventually gives up and strolls away with a hooded friend. The shaky video footage shows at least six people who witnessed the assault, standing in shock as the pair wander off, seeming without a care.



After some 30 seconds the attacker walks back to retrieve his own bike, thrown to the pavement before the assault. As the witness with the camera moves in for a shot of the thug’s face, he gets a shove from the attacker, who then cycles off.



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