Cyclists get shock of their lives when truck driver sounds airhorn

A group of ‘inconsiderate’ cyclists got the shock of their lives when a truck driver suddenly blasted his horn behind them. The dashcam footage, taken on Sunday, captured the lorry travelling along a quiet road in Northampton town centre.



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After the car ahead of him overtakes, the driver came face-to-face with three cyclists riding down the middle of the road without helmets or hi-vis clothing. He immediately blasted his horn to alert them to his presence and the group of cyclists jumped at the sound. They scrambled onto the pavement, the two in the foreground almost colliding with each other in their rush to get out of the way.



One cyclist even got his wheel caught on the kerb, almost falling off his bike in the process. The truck driver said the trio were being inconsiderate to other road users, and claims he flashed his lights and sounded his horn to let them know they were endangering themselves and others.



He said: ‘Cars up ahead were having to brake and go around a large obstruction in the road. Although I was unable to see what it was. ‘Their reaction was hilarious and they moved out of the way immediately. With one cyclist almost falling up the kerb. ‘Maybe they’ll think twice before riding like that again!’



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