Heart-Stopping Crash Nearly Kills Man Asleep At The Wheel In Shocking Video

On an otherwise quiet Tuesday morning in Ukraine, a man driving a white van fell asleep at the wheel and crashed head-on with a truck. Despite the front of his vehicle becoming a crumpled heap, everyone involved survived the shocking collision.

This drive fell asleep at the wheel, security cameras capture the shocking car crash in Ukraine. The shock of the impact almost sent the seatbealt-less driver flying off the car seat as his driver side door gets torn completely apart.

The driver can be seen in a state of shock as nearly half of the van gets destroyed.

Near Fatal Crash

Amazingly, all the passengers made it out in one piece and are reported to be conscious at a nearby hospital. This could’ve ended a lot of worse.

All Passengers Survive

Sometimes, not having a seatbelt might save your life!

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