Remote Farmer Lashes Out And Runs Away From Drone During Terrifying First Encounter

A terrified farmer has lashed out and ran away to protect himself and his cattle during his first encounter with a flying drone. Serkan Demirel was flying his camera over farmland near the village of Sırakonak, Turkey, whilst attempting to film footage for a commissioned project on August 17.

Noticing cows on the remote pasture, the marketer decided to fly lower to capture closer footage, quickly being greeted with the elderly farmer appearing to try and lasso the camera before frightfully running away. Initially sounding amused by the risible reaction, Serkan soon realised the farmer was frightened by the drone and immediately made his way to the farmhouse to reassure the him. Farmer Hasan Demir, 70, spends his days caring for his cattle and when he initially heard the drone’s propellers, he assumed they were under attack by a swarm of insects and did everything in his power to protect them.

Farmers First Drone Encounter

Serkan said: “I visited Hasan moments after filming the footage to explain what he had encountered and to let him have a closer look at the drone. “We drank Turkish tea and chatted for around an hour. “During the filming of this project, the other villagers appeared to be excited and would wave at the drone – making Hasan’s terrified reaction even more startling.”

The village of Sırakonak has a recorded population of 167 habitants, has no sewer network, health care facilities or schools, meaning Hasan has very few encounters with people and technology.

Farmer Tries To Laso Drone

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