Lady Goes Off On Her Man For Buying Her A Happy Meal From Mcdonald’s

Ever remember when we were younger our parents would drive past McDonald’s and tell us there’s food at home? Well, do you remember the inner-range that forms inside us? I’m sure this is exactly what this lady felt after her man buys her a kiddie meal.

The video shows the woman, wearing the traditional colors of McDonald’s standing in a line as her boyfriend approaches with their order in-hand. Unfortunately, the man made the wrong choice of ordering his girl a kiddie meal…

Suffice to say, she completely losses it and throws the tray at her man, spreading fries and soda all over the floor and to the other customers waiting in line.

Woman Goes Crazy Over Kiddie Meal

She goes on an all out fit constantly screaming and pointing at the poor boyfriend. Eventually, he has enough and decides to leave the fast food joint, where his girlfriend soon follows him apparently not yet done with her ranting.

Girlfriend Is Not Over

Maybe she didn’t get the toy she wanted?

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