Fisherman Refuses To Let Huge Catch Slip Away — So He Dives In Headfirst Into The Ocean

This fisherman is adamant about not letting the biggest catch of his life get away. And the lengths in which he wants to secure this catch is nothing short of amazing… or stupid.

When a large halibut became unhooked this fishing bro decided to dive into the ocean to secure the catch of his life. Despite the fact that the fish is having its time chomping on his hand… but most importantly, the ballsy guy didn’t’ lose his catch or his flip-flop!

Man Catches Huge Halibut

That was the save of a lifetime,” exclaimed James after jumping into the ocean as soon as his fish became unhooked. The impressive catch was filmed in Dana Point Harbor in California.

Looks like the dude really wanted halibut for dinner…

Dive For The FIsh

Fish suck.

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