Incredible Video Shows Woman Giving Birth To Her Fifth Child In The Front Of A Moving Car

A mother gave birth to her fifth child in the passenger seat of a moving car – in front of her kids, who watched on in shock as she delivered the baby with her bare hands while screaming in pain.

In shocking video footage of the birth, Alexis Swinney, 25, is seen kneeling on the passenger seat of the car facing the rear window as her husband Dominique drives the family to a hospital in Texas, all while filming his wife.

‘Can you wait, like, two minutes?’ he asks the mother-of-five, who is seen crouching on the seat naked from the waist down, while writhing in pain and begging her husband to help her.

As Dominique urges her to hold on, Alexis shares her fears for the baby’s health during the unconventional delivery.

Mom Gives Birth Inside Moving Car

‘I don’t know if she can breathe,’ she says while reaching her hands in between her legs. ‘I don’t know what is happening.’

Just a few seconds after asking her husband to pull over, a groaning Alexis then gives a final push and delivers her crying daughter.

Alexis can be seen pulling out her baby girl before cradling her in her arms, the child’s umbilical cord still visibly attached to her mother. Still breathing heavily, Alexis smiles with relief as her child lets out a wail.

Baby Is Healthy And WEll

A day after posting the incredible birth video, Alexis took to Instagram Stories to post some photos of the newest addition to their family.

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