Florida Deputy Scales 10-foot Wall To Save Drowning Man At Waterfront Mansion

A dramatic video released Friday afternoon shows a Florida deputy scaling a 10-foot brick wall and sprinting across the lawn of an enormous mansion to pull a drowning man from a deep-water canal behind the house.

The victim, Juan Munoz-Valencia, 51, was listed in critical condition Friday after the rescue on Thursday morning in New Port Richey. Body cam footage worn by Deputy Taylor Grant of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office reveals the dangerous scene as the officer saw it.

He hurled himself over the security wall because he didn’t have a gate code. The property is so large that, once over the wall, Grant wasn’t immediately sure where to run because the screams were too far away to be heard.

Officer Scales Wall

He sprinted across acres of lawn and driveway and past a pool enclosure until he came upon the life-or-death scene taking place under palm trees, inches from a yacht.

Officer Pulls Drowning Man

That’s where Munoz-Valencia was moaning in panic as his wife struggled to grasp onto the man, who was submerged between a dock and a floating walkway. Grant pulled him onto the walkway as his wife screamed “Help!” and “Oh, my God!”

Officer Saves Man From Drowning

The deputy performed basic first aid on the victim as they awaited medical responders, whose sirens could be heard quickly approaching.

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