Moment a brave dog stands ground against a leopard in India

This is the incredible moment a stealthy dog stands his ground when a leopard pounces on him after he accidentally strayed into a forest in India. The courageous dog, a favourite prey of the big cat, survives the attack and even barks away the predator as onlookers watch at Jhalana Safari Park near Jaipur, Rajasthan.



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A group of baffled visitors filmed the animals’ bizarre encounter last Sunday as the dog limps inside the safari trail and stopped their vehicles. Happy to see them, the dog, from a nearby village, sat down to rest and went to sleep. The visitors then spotted a young leopard stalking the dog from behind the bushes.



As they kept their cameras ready the leopard pounced upon the dog. Caught by surprise and fearing for its life, the dog launched a counterattack and barked continuously at the leopard. The two-year-old female leopard, named ‘Juliet’ by forest officials looked baffled.



Juliet then stands for some time looking intently at the dog before walking away, clearly disappointed. The dog continued to bark at the retreating animal though keeping its tail tucked in between its hind legs.



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