Heartbroken Dog Cries After Realizing He’s Been Abandoned

You will never have a more loyal friend than a dog. Man’s best friend will always be there to welcome you home and will gaze at you adoringly even when you are snoring on the sofa.

It is therefore even more devastating to consider the dogs who have been abandoned by the same humans they trusted would love them forever; whether that be through unfortunate circumstances or just sheer cruelty.

A particularly sad instance of this is poor AJ, a six-year-old dog who was left heartbroken after being left at Carson Animal Shelter, California alongside his brother Toby.

Dog Sheds Tears

Thee traumatized pit bull and Labrador Retriever mix appeared deeply affected by his ordeal, and shelter workers released footage of him appearing to weep as he cowered confused and homesick in a strange new kennel.

The footage shows AJ’s lovely eyes brimming with tears, his face contorted with stress and agitation. A woman’s voice can be heard trying to soothe him but to no avail.

Dog Cries After Getting Abandoned

Thankfully, the campaign to find AJ a new family worked a (doggy) treat, and the once cast down the canine’s tears have been replaced by a big, goofy grin.

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