Naive Dog Tries To Eat Sand And Instantly Regrets It

What makes a trip to the beach infinitely better on almost every occasion? Beer? Yes, but what else? That’s right, man’s best friend – a dog.

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Bring a dog to a beach and not only will you have a great time soaking in the adored gazes of onlookers, but the pooch itself will gleefully indulge the smooth sands as it does its thing.

Dog Eats Sand

Something it also might do, which you should definitely watch out for, eats sand. Dogs, God love them, aren’t so hip to the dangers of eating the ground as we are, and thus may find it impossible not to have a little munch while skipping along the beach.

Watch this doggo, for example. He learns the hard way why his kind should steer clear of the stuff:

Dog Regrets It Instantly

While this video is very funny, it’s also important to stress dogs really shouldn’t be eating sand.

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