The Bellyflop Championships Is The Most Painful Sporting Event Ever

Bellyflops go a long way in some walks of life. Just ask anyone in Norway. The country hosts the Det Internasjonale Dødseforbundet (which translates to ‘World Championship of Death Diving’) in which contestants try to accomplish the most daring and hilarious belly flops into a pool from a high dive platform.

It’s a simple pleasure: jump off something tall into the water while flailing around like a fish out of the sea.

The extreme sport, also known as ‘deathing’ (bit more grim) had its world championships on Friday where the winner, Emil Lybekk, took home the gold with a horizontal corkscrew, twisty, type thing, which of course, culminated in a belly flop.

World Belly Flop Championships

Divers are judged on running speed, jump height, jump length, acrobatics, the degree of difficulty, holding a pose before entry, entry style and favorite of all for the punters watching, splash size.

This Has To Hurt

Not to take all the fun out this hilarious event but it begs the question: can belly flops hurt you? Yes, obviously. That should come as no surprise.

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