Quick-thinking Zoo Keepers Rescue Drowning Newborn Zebra

This is the dramatic moment a newborn zebra is saved from drowning by quick-thinking zoo workers as its concerned mum watches from the water’s edge. The incident took place at the Valencia Bioparc in the eastern Spanish region.

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They were also quick to act when the newborn zebra, after the umbilical cord was cut, fell into water within the enclosure and couldn’t get out. In video footage of the incident, the young foal can be heard making a distressing, no doubt panicked, sound

The poor animal keeps slipping under the water as two zookeepers are quick to react and approach the newborn. Its worried mother looks on from the water’s edge, trying to make her way into the water too.

Zookeepers Rescue Drowning Zebra

At that point, the protective mum steps into the water and goes for the two men cradling her newborn. One of the keepers splashes water into her face to keep her away.

They manage to drop the foal onto dry land and quickly get away before the panicked mum can get to them.

They Rescued The Baby Zebra

However, when she sees her youngster safe on the ground, she shows it affection and the crowd of onlookers cheer.

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