Worst Wardrobe Malfunction Ever: Woman’s Underwear Fall Off While She’s Singing On Stage

This is one of a performer’s worst nightmare… Unfortunately, this happened to this lady performer and now getting viral on Facebook. Though embarrassing, the singer continued her performance as if nothing happens. That’s a real pro!

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A wardrobe malfunction can happen to anyone. For the record, we looked up the definition of the phrase in The Oxford Dictionary. It is described as “an instance of a person accidentally exposing an intimate part of their body as a result of an article of clothing slipping out of position.”

Woman Singing Live

While the clothing-related snafu is a normal thing, celebrities and other performers suffer most when it happens. Since they are in the public eye, their wardrobe snafus are often captured in pictures of videos. If they’re really unlucky, the gaffe happens live in front of an audience.

The video shows a woman singing dressed in a glittery dress. She is singing on stage and busting a dance move, until suddenly…

Panties Fall Off

Bottom line: There are some wardrobe accidents that are just as embarrassing even if, technically, no intimate body parts are exposed.

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