Police officer punches a woman in the face and drags her down street

This is the shocking moment an Arizona cop punched an unarmed woman in the face before dragging her several feet down the street. The officer is seen hitting Renee Armenta to stop her hanging onto the car door and then yanking the 38-year-old across the tarmac.





He then pulls his gun and points it at a male passenger after he steps out of the car during the altercation. Goodyear Police Department is investigating the cop over the incident, which happened during a traffic stop on Thursday just before noon. The video was filmed by a passerby and posted onto Twitter.



As the confrontation continues one witness shouts at the cop, ‘Dude, what the f***? She’s a woman.’ Cops are now reviewing body camera footage of the incident and conducting interviews to understand what happened, reported AZCentral.com.



Armenta is in jail facing charges including resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana. The passenger, 27-year-old John Charlie Moreno Aguilar, from Phoenix, is accused of possessing drug paraphernalia.



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