Caravan breaks free from car’s towbar and nearly crashes onto oncoming traffic

This is the heart-stopping moment a runaway caravan almost hits a passing car after breaking free from a van’s towbar. Daniel Zavodny was driving a HGV through Kirton, Lincolnshire, when he spotted the terrifying near miss in late August.





Dashcam footage from the lorry shows the blue Ford van travel around a corner on a quiet rural road with a caravan in tow. All seems well as it continues along the road but seconds later the caravan breaks free from its towbar.



The runaway hurtles into the path of oncoming traffic just as a white four-door car approaches. Luckily, the driver quickly breaks and swerves the caravan barely avoiding a crash.



The white motor-home then comes to a stop on a grass verge at the side of the road as smoke floods the road. The driver of the white car flashes their hazard lights in the middle of the lane but Mr Zavodny confirmed no one was hurt.



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