Boy not wearing seat belt is thrown out of a car during accident

An 11-year-old boy was sent skidding along a motorway after being flung from a flipping car during a horror crash in Taiwan. The child, who wasn’t wearing his seat belt, was launched from the backseat of his father’s car when it smashed into the back of another vehicle and rolled through the air.



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His father Lee, 39, clipped the back of another car as he tried to undertake it on the motorway over Tainan city on Taiwan’s southwest coast. Neither the boy or his eight-year-old sister were wearing their seat belts when the car was sent flipping through the air, police confirmed. Dashcam footage shows the little boy lying face down in the middle of the motorway after the shocking crash.



His sibling reportedly also landed on the motorway following the violent collision, but it is not seen in the video. Police in Tainan’s Xinying district said three people including the two children were injured during the accident, but fortunately none suffered life-threatening injuries. The 41-year-old driver of the silver saloon, also surnamed Lee, was also treated for injuries.



The authorities confirmed that, while their father was wearing his seat belt, neither child in the back seat was wearing theirs, causing them to be tossed out of the rolling vehicle during the crash. The smash could mean a fine of just to 6,000 TWD (£150) for the father unless he’s convicted of a careless driving offence.



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