Toddler Appears To Manhandle A HUGE Python Outside His Home

It’s no surprise that a toddler might be using the curled up reptile as an armchair, playfully approaching it and even stroking it on its spotted head, however, the adult reaction to all of this has been deemed by many as totally inadequate.

A controversial video has emerged of a little boy, playfully rolling around a python five-ten times his size in the Indonesian Province of East Java.

Kid Plays With Python

He appears to be wrapped up in the slithering body of the gigantic reptile, before rolling on top of it, standing up and grabbing the python in an iron grip merely inches from the snake’s head.

The footage features the boy’s giggling, with a distinct laugh heard from his parents filming in the background.

Child Plays With Python

One of these days the parents will be looking for the kid and the snake will be slithering around with a bulge in its belly.

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