Two Women Give Themselves Huge Shock After Cutting Live Wires To Steal Hair Straighteners From Salon

Two “degenerate” women electrocuted themselves when they cut through live wires and stole two £60 hair straighteners from a bar’s “pamper room”, it is claimed.

CCTV from The Supper Club bar in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, allegedly shows the pair nicking the accessories after forgetting to unplug them. Sparks can be seen as the shocked women leap back after cutting through the live wires

Women Shock Themselves

The women are shown putting the Toni and Guy straighteners, which retail at £60, in their bags before moving out of the camera’s view. Later the bar reposted the video of the pair, warning potential thieves to be wary.

The bar added: “To celebrate the weekend we thought you could all do with a laugh. Bit of advice for any future thieves, cutting a live wire is dangerous.”

Stealing Straightners From Salon

The video has gone viral, with more than 10,000 views.

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