Moto2 Driver Disqualified After Grabbing Rival’s Brake At 140mph

That’s borderline attempt to murder. He should be suspended for life.


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Romano Fenati was disqualified from a Moto2 race at Misano, Italy, for “irresponsible riding” after he reached across to Stefano Manzi’s bike and grabbed the brake lever.


The pair were side-by-side on a straight


The pair were side-by-side on a straight and the incident momentarily wobbled Manzi’s bike, and though he was not troubled the outrageous maneuver from Fenati could easily have resulted in a high-speed crash for Manzi.

The pair were racing for 12th place as well so Fenati essentially put his rivals life in danger all to make sure he was 12th, not that doing it for first would have made it any better.


Moto2 Driver Disqualified After Grabbing Rival's Brake At 140mph


MotoGP officials Dorna have taken a dim view of Fenati’s actions and sanctioned him with a two-race ban affective immediately, which will see the hot-headed Italian miss the next two grand prix in Aragon and Thailand.

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