Woman Pregnant With Triplets Shows Off Massive Baby Bump

Is there anything as spellbinding, radiant, as a pregnant woman? Call me presumptuous, but I’m gonna go ahead and say pregnancy, while clearly a gift when it’s all said and done, is kinda sh*t when you consider the nine months of discomfort and no drinking.

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And while I’d never pit one pregnant woman’s experience against that of another, this mum-to-be, in particular, can’t be feeling a million dollars as she awaits the arrival of triplets.

Triplet Baby Bump

What’s more, her three-baby bump has gone viral

Maria, 36, is in the 33rd week of pregnancy and has been sharing pictures and videos of her bump for her followers on Instagram. She and her Danish hubby already have a two-year-old son, but things are about to be kicked up a notch.

Baby Bump Of Trplets

The triplets will be born by c-section, as a natural birth would be too risky, according to doctors. Her due date is September 12.

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