Dude Wants To Figure Out This Electric Fence Thing

If a horse can’t handle it, neither can you.



This video of a man touching an electric fence on purpose has the least shocking outcome.

They say curiosity killed the cat. I’m guessing curiosity probably killed way more dumb people than cats. Watch this funny video of a guy who seems to want to figure out how an electric fence works. He receives an unsurprising outcome.


Dude Wants To Figure Out This Electric Fence Thing


In the video, the man can be seen continuously touching the electric fence. At first, he didn’t receive some shock so he repeatedly tested if it really works.

He decided to take off his footwear. Upon probably 10 trials, he finally achieved his goal. The poor white horse peacefully living ran away after the man reacted to the shock.


Never touch electric fence


His friends can be heard laughing at him in the background.

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