Bus crashes into level barrier almost impaling passengers

Shocking footage shows the moment a bus ploughs through barriers at a railway line level crossing, almost impaling the passengers inside. The incident occurred in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where amazingly, reports say that no one suffered any injuries.





The video shows a red tour bus appearing to be speeding along the road behind another bus and, unable to stop, it veers straight through the crossing and into the barrier. The barrier can be seen going straight through the front window, through the bus and out the side window.



A bystander can be seen hurrying the passengers out of the vehicle and appearing to frantically make a stop signal further down the track.



The bus comes to a halt and the terrified passengers begin to run out before the driver can be seen rushing back in and moving the bus off the track, assumedly to avoid a collision with a train. It is not clear how the bus driver crashed into the crossing or whether he had been speeding.



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