Plates And Trays Thrown Everywhere As Fights Gets ‘Caliente’ At Mexican Restaurant

A shocking fight broke out between workers and a customer at Chaco’s, a Mexican restaurant in Texas. Diners were stunned when a shouting match turned violent, with plates and trays being thrown across the counter from both sides.

Looks like things got a little too spicy at this Mexican restaurant — diners at Chaco’s got the shock of their lives when customers and managers started a yelling match, which eventually escalated into plates and trays thrown from both sides.

Fight Erupts At Mexican Restaurant

It is unclear what sparked the fight, and everyone involved reportedly left so no police reports were filed. One thing is clear in the whole chaos, THIS GUY clearly knows what’s more important…

This Guy Knows Whats Important

“Sorry honeys, I’ve gotta protect my sundae”.

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