Plane Filmed From Different Perspective Shows It’s Much Faster Than You Think

Looking out of an aeroplane window doesn’t usually provide the most entertaining of views.

Sure, you get a nice aerial view of the city in which you’re taking off and landing, but for the in-between bit – which, let’s face it, is 99.999 percent of the flight – it’s just fluffy clouds.

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Well, unless you’re Tom Feehan. He captured this amazing video of a plane going past beneath his own – and you’ll never believe quite how quickly it was going.

Tom was on a flight between Vancouver and London, which contains around nine hours of nothingness between the bit where you see the skyline of Canada’s west coast and the bit where you get to see Big Ben from above.

Passenger Films Beneath Plane

At one point he was filming out the window – presumably, the film selection on his flight wasn’t up to scratch – and saw another plane heading in the other direction under his plane.

Jet Planes Are Fast

It is genuinely surprising, though when you think about it.

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