Terrified Woman Finds Two ‘Excited’ Giant Snakes Fighting To The Death In Her Attic

After hearing weird noises coming from her attic, a woman in Australia discovered that two large pythons were fighting each other over a nearby female. While the males were removed, the female snake was never found.

A woman in Australia heard a strange noise in her attic and discovered that her house was hosting a snake fight club (of course) — two male pythons heated by the mating season were locked up with one another in a fight for their lives.

Two Snakes Fighting

A snake catches was eventually called in and helped the two reptiles settles their dispute. He alter released the two snakes in a near habitat where the fight apparently continued on.

Snakes In Heat

The female snake that started the fight wasn’t found, but we’re sure she’s giddy about two young men fighting over her.

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