Five Women In Burqas Brawl At Side Of Busy Road As One Repeatedly Drops Baby While She’s Battered

Five women in burqas were filmed brawling at the side of a busy road in broad daylight – with one of them repeatedly dropping a toddler. Footage shows the women throwing punches up against a barrier as stunned drivers slow down but continue to pass by.

One woman repeatedly smashes another one who is holding a toddler, and she drops the child onto the floor as she tries to defend herself.

The mum twice tries to pick up the girl, but drops her as she struggles with the other woman as three others fight just a few feet away from them. She continues fighting her opponent while grabbing the tot and trying to pick her up.

Five Burqa Fight

The mother hits the woman and tries to pick up the child again, holding her opponent off at arm’s length. However, just as a white car passes in front of the women, the toddler is seen on the ground again.

Woman Drops Baby

Several people pass by but do nothing to stop the all-out brawl.

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