Teen Cheerleader Body Slams Girl To The Floor After Telling Her ‘Nobody Wants To Fight’

Violent footage shows a cheerleader body slamming a girl to the floor after telling her ‘nobody wants to fight’ when she was challenged.

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In the video, which has now been viewed almost nine million times, the girl dressed in her school’s cheerleading uniform is approached while she is sitting down by another teen.

Cheerleader Brawl

They get in to a row where the cheerleader can be heard repeatedly insisting that “nobody wants to fight”. But the other girl then appears to get a bit too close for her liking, and she eventually slaps the cheerleader around the face.

Instantly retaliating the cheerleader is quickly on her feet and the pair get into a vicious fight, with them rolling on the floor.

Cheerleader Fight

The sisters from California got a lot of feedback, with many sticking up for the girl for fighting back, while other criticised the need for violence at all.

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