Good Samaritan Saves Cat From Deadly Clutches Of Python

Two good samaritans in Bangkok, Thailand, decided to do their bit for a helpless little kitten and save it from certain doom. the video shows the two men bravely uncoil the large python from around the kitten, who is being slowly constricted further and further.

While you certainly wouldn’t want to be bitten by a python, they are nonvenomous snakes, which is presumably why the men knew they could untangle the two animals. Instead, pythons constrict their prey after capturing it, wrapping themselves around the animal a number of times.

Snake Strangles Cat

However, after being so cautious with the reptile, it turns out to be the kitten who is the aggressive one. Who’d have though cats could be like that?!

After pulling the kitten to safety, denying the snake of its next meal, the kitten lashes out at the good samaritan. Just goes to show there’s never a good time to pull a cat’s tail.

Workers Save Cat

Both animals were cooked and eaten shortly after.

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