Pilot Hand-Delivers Pizza To 40 Passengers After Flight Was Diverted

Pilot Jeff Raines and his crew were forced to divert the plane to Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (SPS), Texas, where 159 passengers were left grounded, grumpy and waiting until morning to continue their journeys. I can almost hear their grumbling from here…

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Fortunately for these passengers, Jeff is no ordinary pilot. He is a man who appreciates the sublime moment of opening a just-delivered pizza box; the piping hot cheese, the fresh, floury crust.

No doubt about it, Jeff is a pizza man through and through. And when his moment came, he rose to the challenge much like a lump of dough in a pizza oven.

Pilot Orders 40 Pizzas

Knowing how, given the right ingredients, tensions can indeed be melted like gooey mozzarella, Jeff set about filling his passengers rumbling tums. According to CNN, Jeff ordered 40 Papa John’s pizzas to be delivered at the airport.

He delivered each pizza personally; rushing back and forth between the delivery driver and the grateful passengers with arms piled high with pizza boxes.

Pilot Personally Delivers Pizza After Diverted Flight

The scene was filmed and shared by airport worker Josh Raines, who tweeted, ‘I don’t think I’ve seen this before’. People in the video could be heard singing Jeff’s praises, with one person cheering, ‘what a guy!’

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