Idiot Should Not Have Sent Monkey for a Dip

This monkey doesn’t take kindly to being shoved into the water.



This human on monkey on human violence occurred at the Xitian Temple in Dehua County in East China’s Fujian Province. The unnamed man tried to push one of the resident monkeys, reportedly a rhesus macaque, into a pond for a laugh.


Idiot Should Not Have Sent Monkey for a Dip


Footage taken by another visitor shows the man creeping up on the unsuspecting animal, which is perched on a metal railing next to the body of water.

The man suddenly shoves the monkey, which cries as it falls over the railing. But a second later the primate leaps back up at shocking speed. The animal quickly turned around and attacked him. The monkey then chases the man as other visitors laugh.


Prankster is chased by monkey after pushing it into pond


He can then be seen running into the temple where he believed the monkey would not give chase – but it does. The monkey’s clan mate rushes to its rescue and enters the building to attack the man.

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