Bullies reduce schoolgirl to tears by cutting off her hair

School bullies have reduced a young girl with learning difficulties to tears after chopping off her hair with a scissors while the teacher briefly left the classroom. The girl’s family and other concerned parents complained to the school and police after seeing the clip on Facebook.



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The video was filmed in a classroom in a school in Sante Fe, Argentina and shows a boy and a girl grabbing the student’s hair aggressively behind her as she sits at her desk. The girl appears to hold her face in her hands as the bullies hack at her hair with a scissors as other students watch on. The girl can be heard crying while other children laugh and jeer in the background. The clip then shows them fanning out her hair when they are finished as one eyewitness laughs: ‘Noooo!’



Local media reports that it happened during a lesson after the teacher left the classroom for a few minutes. Headmaster Mascelo Buci has suspended five students for a week after being informed of the incident and promised parents to hold a meeting with them and the teacher concerned. ‘Some of them [the parents of the children in the video] called us before we called them to apologise for the incident. From the school, we are doing everything possible to contain it,’ Mr Buci said. It is not known whether police are investigating the bullying but the clip sparked a condemnation of the students on social media. Netizen Lucia Ximena Valdez said: ‘It’s a horror what they did, minimum school expulsion, that’s a serious assault!!’ Erick Gomez added: ‘There is no fellowship, there is no empathy for each other, there is no education in them.’ Physical and psychological intimidation among students is a continuing problem in Argentina.



A 2011 study by UNICEF-Argentina and FLASCO (the Latin-American School of Social Studies) surveyed 1,695 students in public and private secondary schools found that a shocking 66 percent of students polled were victims of bullying. While physical violence was cited by students in public schools, psychological intimidation was prevalent in private schools. Factors mentioned as leading to being bullied were: physical appearance, clothes, religion, ethnical origin, race, and economic status. The study, ‘Environment, Conflicts and Violence at School’ found a general lack of initiative and leadership on the issue by parents, principals and teachers across the school system.



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