Cheeky monkey! young macaque keeps trying to grab visitor’s GoPro

This cheeky Thai monkey took a fancy to a tourist’s GoPro and tried snatching the camera for himself. The 24-second-long footage, featuring a tiny macaque chasing the small camera down a road in Thailand, was taken in Monkey Hill, Phuket, on September 2.





After tapping his fingers against the GoPro, trying in vain to swipe the device, the monkey gives up and coyly scuttles away into the surrounding greenery. Monkey Hill is a popular hot-spot for tourists visiting south east Asia, where visitors can feed the animals and see them run freely. But some visitors report unpleasant experiences, claiming to have been attacked by the local wildlife.



One reviewer said a monkey saw a plastic bag of nuts and ripped it straight from their hands. ‘Other monkeys joined in and were fighting for the nuts,’ the reviewer said. ‘We continued 50 meters further and were faced by a monkey that wanted our purse with our stuff. ‘Shouting at it caused the monkey to be even more aggressive.’



But many visitors enjoy the experience despite the chaotic environment. Another reviewer, from Washington DC, said: ‘I know that some people have an innate dislike of monkeys, but I absolutely loved this place! ‘It is overrun with monkeys who will gladly (and sometimes aggressively) eat bananas and nuts right out of your hand. ‘The entertainment value of watching these little creatures run around and play is fabulous and it’s free! ‘You seriously won’t be able to stop smiling.’



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