Uber-lievable! Uber driver performs a handstand while he’s driving

This is the shocking moment an Uber driver performed a daring handstand while driving a packed car. The clip, filmed in Oxford, Mississippi, captured the Uber driver on camera as he conducted the stunt.





The disabled driver, who has no legs, appears to have been controlling the pedals of his car with a wooden stick as he taxied students from the University of Mississippi. He then suddenly pushed himself into a handstand keeping one hand on the wheel as he balanced upside down.



The driver still managed to keep his eyes on the road as he lifted his body above his head. But far from being scared by the sudden manoeuvre, his passengers loudly applaud the daring skill.



He seems pleased with the response smiling to himself as he settles back into the drivers seat. The video, which was taken from the passenger’s seat of the people carrier, took place in August this year.



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